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Restring the modern Madame Alexander Cissy Doll

Discussion started by JoAnn Morgan , on 16 July 10:05 AM
Well I finally took the bull by the horns and restrung my Cissy. I can say up front, this appears to be first and foremost a failed design. My Cissy, when I got her, was a brand new current doll and she was floppy when I first took her out of the box. The rubber bands they used were simply not strong enough to hold the heavy vinyl parts. The rubber loops from Dollspart are smaller and strong, and I tried up to 3—even with three they are still not strong enough to make a difference. I got out the COTTON stringing cord from dolls part and the 3/16 is the only one that will work. I took needle nose pliers and made closed loops in the hooks on her waist and legs, so the cord had to be threaded through. Then I put the cord through the waist loop, with two long pieces hanging down. One piece goes down through the bottom part of the torso ( from the waist) and out the right leg, through the loop and pull it out the other leg hole and let it wait. Take the other end, put it down through the waist and out the leg hole and through the closed loop in the leg hook. Now pick up the other end and tie it once, pulling the knot as tight as you can—I am very strong, unless you are really strong, get your husband to do this for you – when it is as tight as it can be pulled, tie the second knot and a third. Trim the ends, leaving about an inch to be sure the knot won’t slip. Tuck the stringing stuff inside. The legs won’t be as tight as they would be if they were not strung, but the doll should stand and pose okay. I did the same thing with the head/arms. They came out really good, as the parts are not so heavy.
In my opinion, this doll is a cash cow for Alexander. All the dolls turn floppy, and Alexander charges $150 plus shipping both ways to restring. Wow. The thing is, if they just use new rubber loops that are the same as the originals—your doll will be floppy again after she is moved around a little. How nice. So enlist your husband ( or brother or son) to tighten the cord for you and you will be in good shape and your Cissy won’t flop.
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I don't have a Cissy, but I am thankful to you for sharing this information! If one of my friends have problems with this Cissy going floppy on them, I'll know what to suggest. Thank you.
1349 days ago

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